Terms and conditions

BOOKING: The bookings to be considered definitely confirmed only after the reception of the contract that EUROVACANZE AGENCY shall send you immediately after having received the deposit.

EUROVACANZE AGENCY reserves itself the right to refuse accounts that arrive more than 15 days after the availability of the apartment for the period requested has been communicated.

PAYMENT: 30% of the total renting amount is to be paid deposit to the EUROVACANZE AGENCY also by postal order withinthe above mentioned date.

CANCELLATION: the deposit will not be given back under no circumstances.

ARRIVAL: the arrival must occur on the fixed date beetween 4.00 pm and 8.00 pm. In case of delay the guest must advise in time the EUROVACANZE AGENCY. Otherwise, the apartment shall be kept free only for another day after which it may be rented again the concequences for the guest written above. On the arrival personal documents of everybody must be shown for the registration.

RENTING CONDITIONS: it is forbidden to give hospitality to more persons than allowed by the number of beds indicated in our catalogue. Children are considered as adults. Domestic animals are forbidden. All guests obbliged to respect the house regulations.

DEPARTURE; the apartment has to be left free within 10.00 am of the fixed date. Th edeparture must take place during the office-hours to permitt the cecking of the apartment. The apartment must be left clean and in perfect order.

CAUTION: the guest must take the maximum care of the apartment and of its equipment. Complains regarding the state of the apartment and its equipment shall be eccepted only within 24 hours after the arrival. Broken or damaged must be paid. At the arrival the guest must pay € 50,00 as caution, which shall be given back after having controlled the conditions of the apartment.

LIABILITIES OF THE AGENCY: no rsponsability may be given to the EUROVACANZE AGENCY in case of breakage, accidents, losses, thefts and inconveniences in general that should occur in the apartment.
For legal disputes only the court of Venice is competent.

PARTICULARE RULES: EUROVACANZE AGENCYreserves itself the right, in case of unexpected problems, to change an apartment with another one having about the same standards. The request of a particular apartment (number, floor, etc.) will be considered without however being guaranted. The description of the apartments in our catalogue may be different in exceptional cases. The ground-plans and the photos of the apartments are only indicative.

We inform our clients that the EUROVACANZE AGENCY’S staff is authorized to enter into the apartments also in your absence for eventual reparings and maintenance.